Penis Size: It May Be Written In The Length Of His Fingers

Penis Size: May Be His Fingers Can You Something About It

There are numerous myths surrounding the topic of men’s penis length. Several studies are conducted to find the correlation between a man’s penis size and the size of the other parts of his body. Now, what if someone tells you that a man’s fingers can tell you about his penis size? Strange isn’t it? Well, new research proves that the ratio of length of index finger and ring finger of a man is linked with his penis size. The lower the ratio, the bigger the penis is.

Finger length ratios have always been considered vital and they are previously connected with many other characteristics. Also, lower ratios are found always associated with better performances. For instance, one study concluded that lower ratio was connected with better financial trading and better medical school performance.

Also, it is observed that those men who have lower index finger and ring finger length ratio have more masculine features. They have symmetrical faces and they appear more attractive to women.

Finder length ration and penis size

The research study was conducted on 144 Korean men. These men were actually hospitalized urological surgeries and a researcher measured their penile length both flaccid and stretched. Soon after they were given anaesthesia another researcher measured their finger lengths. This was done to make sure that extremely precise measurements are obtained.

The collected data was analysed and the conclusion was that lower the ratio the bigger the penis. In simple words, men who had their index finger shorter than their ring finger actually has a longer penis. This means, the ratio was correlating to the erect penis size.

The previous studies have linked the ration of length of index finger and ring finger with the exposure of sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone, in the womb. Also, it is possible that the same hormones affect penis length.

In fetal development, if the testosterone levels were high then the ratio of index finger and ring finger was lower. On the other hand, higher estrogen levels show that the ratio of index finger and ring finger was higher.

It is observed that most men have ring fingers taller than their index finger. On the other hand, in women, the length of index finger and ring finger is either same or index finger is longer. Research proves that lesbians and females who have had sex transform surgeries have more male ratios.

Lastly, it is still a big question that whether the correlation between penis size and the ratio of length of index finger and ring finger is similar in non-Korean men too, since the study was conducted only on Korean men. However, if we consider the research to be 100% true, one thing is for sure, and doctors will try to make sure that their patients are exposed to certain levels of estrogen and testosterone. Also, it gives all men with a lower ratio, a good pickup line.

Nevertheless, there are chances that women will also pick their dates by looking at the man’s hands instead of facial or physical features.