Pop Quiz: Is Penis Enlargement Right For You?

Penis Enlargement: Find Out If It Is the Right Option for You

All of us want to improve our performances in whatever we do and sexuality is no different in this regards. Females like enhancing their breast size to make sure they appear more feminine to their partners and men are keener on enhancing their penis size. However, there is a difference on how women focus on their breast size and how men focus on their penis size. For men, penis size matters a lot and in fact, it is that one thing, which defines their sexual performance, their masculinity and their manhood.

So, now if all men are so much obsessed about their penis size, is penis enlargement method and product necessary for every man to use? Well, we have listed the 5 most crucial questions here. If you are able to answer each of them, you will get a clear idea of whether penis enlargement is for you or not.

Does your penis fits in the range of average penis length

Now, when we talk about average penis size, there are several doubts and confusion leading to it. For most men, it is a surprise that actual average penis length is 5.5 to 6.5 inches. If you fit in this criterion, you need not go for an enlargement since you are big enough to satisfy any normal woman. However, if you want to surprise your partner with a bigger package, it is entirely your wish.

Does your penis size affect other aspects of your life?

This is something really deep and you need to be true to yourself when you answer this one. Many men suffer from anxiety and depression because of their penis size. A smaller penis has greater impact on other aspects of their life too. Lack of confidence, low self esteem, low libido, etc. are a few issues, which are faced by a small-endowed man.

Have you discussed your penis size issue with your partner?

One thing that most men confuse is the satisfaction level of their partner. Men think that bigger their penis, the greater satisfaction they can give to their partners. To be true, this is not entirely wrong, for many women out there a bigger penis is a bigger turn on. However, this is not same for every woman. A study shows that most women are satisfied with the penis size of their partners and most men think they are actually not. So, the best thing you can do to know your partner’s opinion is talk to them.

Can you perform different sex positions?

Variety is the spice of life and again sex is no different. The reason why most men fail to perform different sexual position is that they are nonflexible, overweight or have a very small penis. If flexibility and overweight is off your list then think is it because of your penis size. If you get a yes on this, penis enlargement is the right choice for you.

Are you ready to give your 100% to your penis enlargement goal?

Penis enlargement needs a disciplined routine and several life style alterations. Also, it is a long term process and does not happen overnight. So, be true to yourself and answer this one.

So, if you answered ‘yes’ to most of the questions, penis enlargement is for you. You can enlarge your penis and get it in the dimension you always wanted in several ways. One of the most recommended methods is a combination of device, exercises and pills.