Women Have An Instinctive And Fundamental Preference For Bigger Penises...

If you thought that only men are obsessed with penis size, you are entirely mistaken. Women too have an absolute obsession with the size of a man’s penis. Even though most of them refuse to admit so, women are generally attracted towards bigger penises. One of the reasons for this is that a larger cock makes them anticipate the excitement of engaging in sex. On the other hand, men are obsessed with the penis size because they wish to make sex more enjoyable for their partners.

A recent survey published in one of the scientific journals revealed that the size of a man’s cock is closely associated with his attractiveness and most importantly, that bigger is always better. In the modern world, bigger is better in numerous circumstances including when it comes to buying a car, the fruits we select in the market and TV screens and so on. Lately, the bigger the Smartphone, a person has, the better the functionality starting with what the screen size has to offer. Why should it be any difference with the size of your dick?

Some of the primary reasons for the ladies getting attracted towards bigger penises include:

  • To increase their chances of obtaining orgasm
  • To ensure extreme sexual pleasure during the act
  • To increase the chances of the penis stimulating the generation of fertile eggs
  • To satisfy the instinctive desire of a woman to reproduce

I find the last two reasons quite intriguing. They provide explanations why women naturally find men with bigger penises more attractive. As far as this type of desire is concerned, a woman will prefer a large and thick penis. Their preference isn’t guided by sexual excitement only-but also by their desire to produce healthy offspring with enough potential to continue their generation. In that regard, we can confidently say that it is the instinctive desire of nearly every woman to become pregnant.

A woman is naturally promiscuous, even if she doesn’t exactly do it. She is aware of the fact that she has many options to have sexual intercourse with different types of men until she has found a perfect partner. She isn’t only looking for a male who will make sex exciting and enjoyable for her. Rather, she is in search of a man who will awake her natural instincts to get pregnant and bear his child. One may ask, doesn’t this happen with any man? No, my friend, no. Women are programmed to practice natural selection by the law of nature.

One of the primary reasons that they automatically seek men with a big penis to reproduce is because she understands that, if she gets a son, he will date and also have sex with women. In that regard, she wants her son to bear the most crucial trait that will attract women- a penis with a big girth, as well as an appropriate length. Instinctively, she wants to make sure that her son bears this trait. Women fight to ensure that their sons are superior compared to the rest and thus increasing his chances of impregnating a woman to continue his generation.