Vaginal Satisfaction From A Thick Penis, Stimulation From Penis Girth

Undoubtedly, women prefer bigger penises to smaller ones- although most of them refuse to admit so. When talking about a big penis, it is imperative to be clear about one thing; are we talking about penis girth or penis length? Women love thick penis compared to a long yet slim one. Why is this so?

The primary reason why women have a preference for short but thick penis over a lengthier but thin one is plain and simple. Satisfaction and stimulation are what women are always looking for. Just like the anus, the vagina has nerves that are located right at the entrance of the organ. As a matter of fact, the first one third area of the vagina is the part that feels the most sensation. The movement of the penis usually stimulates the cell walls during sexual intercourse.

This important fact makes all the difference. It means that a fuller girth has the potential of stretching the cell walls and ultimately providing the woman with more sexual pleasure. On the other hand, and it’s quite unfortunate, a thin penis only touches this area a little bit. Perhaps the reason why the penis length doesn’t matter so much in sexual intercourse is because a penis measuring 3 to 4 inches reaches the G-spot of the vagina. In any case, a thin cock is unlikely to rub the clitoral area- the focal point for a woman’s sexual pleasure. On the other hand, a thick wiener only requires making slight angle adjustments during penetration to stimulate the clitoris.

And who wouldn’t want to have a thicker dick amongst the male population? Men would love a thicker penis for varying reasons such as to impress women and to have a bulkier front. However, the primary reason for men desiring a thicker dick is because it offers an advantage in sexual performance. Without a doubt, a longer schlong is also good but if you are blessed with a thick penis, the better positioned you will be in terms of sexually satisfying a woman.

Luckily, there are various things that a man can do to offer his partner vaginal satisfaction. For starters, one may choose to enlarge their penis size. There is a handful of male enhancement methods that are designed to help men increase their penis girth. If you are convinced that you want a thicker penis, you may want to find out more about penis enlargement. It is imperative that you make your mind without any doubt before pursuing penis size increase.

Another option would be to learn sex positions and styles that help you satisfy your woman or partner in bed. Most of the sex positions and styles demands that the participants portray flexibility and the willingness to be experimental. Speak to your partner and show them how useful, such positions can be for the both of you.

Let’s face it: all of us aren’t equal. There are some of us who are adequately endowed, others are averaged sized while others have small dicks. Regardless of where you fall, depending on how you approach the whole sexual encounter, you can make your partner happy. On the other hand, if you desperately desire a thicker penis, consider penis enlargement.