Using A Penis Extender And Its Effects On Your Relationship

A penis extender is a device intended to stretch the penis to facilitate its growth both lengthwise and in thickness. Usually, men have the desire to increase the size of their penis to gain more confidence in bed. Men always believe that an enlarged penis size will greatly improve their sexual relations, performances, and satisfaction.

A penis extender device works by enforcing a constant tension on the penile area. Increased tension forces the penis cells to divide thereby stimulating the growth of new cells. The best results are normally achieved through a consistent use as advised by a medical practitioner or an expert. A majority of men who have used extender devices have reported permanent penis increment by some inches. However, the best results may be achieved after about six months.

Women always have differing opinions regarding the influence of penile size in their relationships. Some say that they don’t care about it while a majority of them would love to be in a relationship with men possessing large penises because they can offer great sexual pleasure.

A significant number of women tend to become more motivated when they see or feel a huge penis. This adds up to the sexual attraction they have towards men with big penises. Although a smaller manhood can also satisfy a woman, men with smaller penises are required to work extra hard in boosting their performance in bed so that they can hit the sexually sensitive spots of their partners’ sex organs.

The use of penis extenders helps to improve sexual intimacy between the partners. The moment a man’s penis has become larger, he is more likely to have confidence in himself. He will also be confident in his capability to satisfy his partner. The man’s feeling to have sex will be no longer ruined by his fears thus he will begin initiating sex more often. This makes partners enjoy a sexually fulfilled life, which brings about the feeling of intimacy.

Penis extenders straighten the man’s penis, and a man will no longer experience weaker and softer erections. Intercourse will no longer be a difficult thing as compared to the case of an extremely curved penis. Therefore, the partners will be able to relish their normal sex lives without the man complaining of pain during erections. A penis extender has been scientifically and medically proven to help straighten a bent penis.

The use of penis extenders may also have negative impacts on a relationship in that they can lead to mistrust between the partners. Obviously, when a man buys a penis extender, he will want to keep it discreet for a while because as a man, he would not like confrontation problems.

Sooner or later, the secret will be uncovered and the other partner may become annoyed since she wasn’t informed about the move to use a penis extender device. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary conflicts in your relationship, it is always preferable to consult your sexual partner concerning your decision to purchase an extender device.