Penis Pumping Vs Penis Stretching

Penis enlargement is real and can be achieved through various methods that are scientifically and medically proven as effective and safe. The most common methods of penis enlargement available to men nowadays are penis pumping and penis stretching. These methods work differently but rather aim at achieving a similar objective—to increase the size of the penis.

Penis pumping is the process in which a penis is forced to enlarge by creating a vacuum that causes a negative pressure which draws blood into the penile erectile chambers. As the user of a penis pump continues to pump the device, blood continues to flow into the erectile chambers. This continues until the erectile chambers are completely engorged with blood.

More blood in the erectile chambers means harder and stronger erections. The enlargement of the penis when using a penis pump is effected by the elasticity of the penile tissues which allows for expansion naturally.

Penis stretching is the process in which a penis is subjected to a tensional force that pulls in resulting in the formation of tears on the shaft of the penis. Penile stretching usually aims at taking advantage of the process of cell division and replication. It initiates the processes, which finally results in the enlargement of the penis.

Cell division is where the penile cells split into two daughter cells comprising of the same genetic material. Penis stretching is normally achieved through the use of a penis extender device. The device is designed effectively to hold the penis in place and stretch it appropriately.

Penis pumping can be applied by those men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and are in need of instantaneous erections in order to indulge in sexual intercourse. A penis pump can be used to force the flow of blood to the penile chambers and result in erections.

Having achieved an erection, a man suffering from erectile dysfunction can then apply a cock ring to help keep the blood engorged in his penis during sex. This is impossible when using a penis extender device. Penis extenders don’t have the ability to help give instantaneous erections leave alone sustaining an erection.

Penis stretching can be applied by any man looking forward to increasing the size of his penis, primarily the length. Stretching focuses more on increasing the length of the penis by stretching it more. However, during the growth and development of new penis cells, the girth may also experience some gains even though this might not be significant. Penis pumping, on the other hand, focuses more on the girth based on its mechanism of operation. However, a little gain in length may also be experienced.

Not all penises are straight in shape. Some curve upwards, others curve downwards while others curve sideways. Penis stretching is proven to help men with curved penises straighten their manhood. A penis extender device works by pulling the shaft of the penis making it assume a straight shape.

Consistent pulling of the shaft results in the growth of new cells on the inner curve of the penis to counter the tension during stretching. This causes the penis to straighten. This process is applied in the treatment of the Peyronie’s disease. Penis pumping doesn’t have the ability to correct the issue of a curved penis as it cannot offer a stretching force that can initiate cell division.