Steroids Can Shrink A Man’s Penis

Does steroid lead to penis shrinkage? This is a tremendous concern for the majority of men who have the intentions of using steroids. It’s a very common discussion that goes on in countless locker rooms across the world. In such discussions, you will hear them argue that it’s not the penis but the balls that shrink. Of course, there is the perception caused by what is seen in the movies such as the teasing done on the buff guy. They say he has no cock due to steroid use. In that case, the question and doubts linger in the minds and heads of so many men who want to use steroids.

If you are reading this, it is highly possible that you intend to use legal anabolic such prohormones and you are disturbed by similar questions. Once and for all, let’s set the record straight!

Steroids have been banned by nearly all the major sports and also in high school sports. However, there are some people who are still using steroids. The majority of individuals who make use of steroids are athletes, bodybuilders as well as the people who feel that they need to look stronger. Steroids are also utilised as pain relievers in some instances. However, in many circumstances they are typically used to provide a look of strength- mainly because they are known to promote tissue and muscles growth.

Generally, they are not healthy for anyone and might results in a plethora of side effects. In worst case scenario, death is probable. The most commonly used form is the anabolic steroids. Apart from causing enlargement of the muscles, they also increase testosterone level to a man using them. This is a hormone primarily known to bring about the masculine features that become evident in a boy who is transitioning to puberty.

This explains why the majority of men who use anabolic steroids believe that it will help make their penises larger as well as a harder and lasting erection. Unfortunately, they are very expensive and most of the men can hardly keep up with the cost involved. As a result, instead of using steroids they go for other substances that contain steroids – which can be extremely dangerous.

Unknown to many men is the fact that steroids do not and cannot enlarge a penis in any way. As a matter of fact, the impact is quite the opposite. The adverse effects of steroids don’t just stop at causing damage to the body. Rather, they can make a man permanently or temporarily impotent. The penis may essentially become paralysed and consequently, unable to adequately perform its intended purpose. If used for an extended period of time, steroids might cause penis shrinkage. Essentially, the steroids are blamed on the inability of the penis to erect- erectile dysfunction. One thing is for sure though- while anabolic steroid may not directly cause penis shrinkage, it certainly aggravates the unfortunate situation.

In my opinion, men should stay clear of steroid usage. The risks and dangers associated with steroids are too high – not only to your dick, but also to your overall health.