Why You Must Be Patient With Penis Extenders?

The most effective and safest method of increasing your penis size is through the use of penis extenders. Over the past several years, it has become increasingly common due to their improved efficacy. They are supported by both medical practitioners and scientists as effective having been proven to work.

Despite the gains offered by penis extenders being permanent, these devices are not magic – they do not work overnight to deliver all the results you are looking for. When using penis extenders, you have to be patient. In most cases, men think that they can speed up the process by wearing these devices all day. While wearing them often works to some degree, overusing your extender device may result in some side effects that may affect your penis health adversely.

The top secret of how a penis extender works is that it tricks your body into enlarging your penis. It works in a way that stretches the shaft of your penis to the extent that painless tears develop in the cells that make up your skin. Once the body has seen these tears, it responds by creating new cells to fill the gaps. It is the new cells that are responsible for adding up the new inches.

Penis extenders work by use of the traction principle which involves keeping parts of the body in a stretched position for a long period. The outcome is that the body gets used to stretch positions which trigger the body cells to replicate and result in the growth of many new cells. As the cells in the penis split and duplicate, the size of the penis tend to increase resulting in more gains in the penis length as well as the girth.

The results of this are a permanent gain in size. For a penis extender to work well and to give you the best results, it must be given enough time. Complete growth does not occur overnight but using your penis extender often will provide you with more length in the end.

Penile stretching through the use of a penis extender may take place in a number of ways. The extender device may stretch the penile ligaments and cause them to hang outwards thereby resulting in an increase in the length of the penis. Also, the cells in the penile shaft may be subjected to tension thereby causing them to divide which, in turn, results in an increase in the number of penile cells. Afterwards, the cells undergo growth and development to increase the size of the penis.

Just like any other body modification, the use of penis extenders to increase the size of the penis takes time. So be patient and let the penis extender work its magic. Use it for some weeks before you take your measurement to allow your body enough time to add some length. If you don’t, then you may end up being disappointed, and you might lose all your motivation. Even if you start seeing the results, it may be easy to plateau and not see any change for some time.