Dick Size Myths Busted

Let's see what popular opinion about penis says:

  • Taller men have large penises
  • They get firmer erections
  • They can satisfy their sexual partners more often
  • A big, candle straight penis gives the best results

Guess what, none of this is true. All these are just myths that have been spread by people who want to make money selling fake penile enlargement pills. The truth of the matter is that the size of your penis does not play as big a role in satisfying your partner as you might think. Men fail at sex because they fret so much about how large their penis is. There is a lot more to sex than the size of your penis.

Tall men have problems too

The average size of the penis is the same for men of all heights. This has been proven through studies conducted over decades. If you believe that your height has something to do with the size of your penis, you couldn't be more wrong. Your penis size depends more on your genes than your height. You could be five feet tall and have a larger penis than a 7 feet tall person.

A larger penis also doesn't mean that you will get firmer erections. This is a complete myth. If you are tall and you don't have healthy habits, you will naturally have a weaker penis. Regardless of your height, your general health is what determines how firm your erections will be. If you exercise regularly, your groin receives the same benefits. You improve the overall blood flow to the penis.

You also produce the right amount of hormone for great sexual performance. Taller and larger men don't produce more testosterone than shorter ones. The next time you read otherwise on an advertisement, you should avoid whatever product that company is selling. It is simply based on a lie and you can't trust the product.

The truth about women

Another prevalent myth among people is that women prefer people who have larger penises. Well, this is another lie that has been propagated through uninformed porn movies. You should know that all those women you see drooling over huge penises are simply acting. It is based on an age old misunderstanding. Women like men who are more confident and intimate during sex.

When they sense tension in your voice and body during sex, they start getting uncomfortable. They want men who are more confident about sex. They want men who are more loving and passionate. Being relaxed during sex is far more important than having a large penis. When you are relaxed, you are able to enjoy more.

Also remember that you are having sex because you want to enjoy the experience. Most people waste their time trying hard to make sure that the other person is satisfied. When you enjoy sex thoroughly, your partner will naturally enjoy the whole experience. You will succeed in satisfying your partner far more often, if you realize that your size is irrelevant for the most part.