Five Tanner Stages For Genital Development

For decades, penis size has been a vital issue for males. Men of every age are disturbed about the length and width of their penises. The majority of males, who fret about their size, are young adolescent nearing 20's, men between 20 to 30 years as well as men, who are older than 60 years. They just get frantic and try enhancement products including penis device, pumps, pills, creams or exercises.

Timing Of Changes

Actually penile development and growth is a complicated process synchronized by genes, hormone level and environmental factors. Understanding the timing and bodily changes that are linked with puberty are significant.

A clear perception of puberty milestone is necessary for promoting suitable involvement for late or advanced puberty by parents for the best interest of their child.

Adolescence is a period of vast changes physically and emotionally experienced by boys. These great changes cause a worry in boys regarding what is normal as well as what to expect?

Body changes are onset by the personal biological ‘clock' that signals your body to initiate the production of high levels of hormone called testosterone. Sexual maturation taking place during puberty is intimately linked to physical growth including height and weight of the body.

Genital growth takes place in five tanner stages:

Tanner stage 1 – In pre-adolescent stage, phallus and testes are small with no pubic hair.

Tanner stage 2 – This occurs around the age of 9 or so, when the scrotum grows significantly and the testis varies in texture. The scrotum shows thinning and appears red in color. There is thin growth of downy straight or curly pigmented hair that appears around the pubic area.

Tanner stage 3 – During the age of 10 and 11 the testes continues its development in size and volume. Scrotum enlarges and penis gets longer. Pubic hair increases and becomes more dark and curly.

Tanner stage 4 – This is the puberty phase, which experiences changes from age of 12 to 15 or so. The scrotum and testes continues its growth. The scrotum skin also gets more darkened. Penis shows a development in thickness now along with length. There is a significant increase in growth of the dark colored pubic hair.

Tanner stage 5 – After this stage there is no enlargement that occurs. Genitalia are fully developed with adult hair distributed normally. A more muscular figure is consequential due to occurrence of testosterone. A normal male undergo erections a lot without any external stimulus. The most frequent are wet dreams or nocturnal emissions during erections.

Abnormal puberty may be due to family history or low testosterone levels. Males can try using penis device that is the only method approved scientifically by medical experts.

  • Normal length of flaccid penis – 3.4” to 3.7”
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  • Normal circumference of erect penis – 3.5” to 3.9”

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