Does Size Matter?

The size of penis has always been concern for men of all age groups, which impacts them physiologically and mentally as well. The size of manhood has always been a matter of pride for men, and doesn't mind spending a fortune to treat this disorder. No doubt there are innumerable techniques that are available for enlarging the size of manhood in the most natural manner. Men don't mind undergoing any kind of treatment, which promises them a happy and erotic sexual life.

The 1st and the foremost thing are to understand the severity of sexual disorder you are suffering from. You can consult of the best medical professional and get yourself diagnosed and undergo the recommended treatment. It is quite important to understand if it is the size of the penis that bothers you a lot or are you unhappy with the sexual life? Many a times the size of the penis doesn't matter, as people still enjoy the climax of sex. Although people get attracted towards penis enlargement surgeries, the question is are they safe.

Size of Penis:

The normal size of manhood in a normal situation ranges something between 5 -7 inches. The size remains the same for self stimulated men or who take sex enhancement pills. It is believed that men who are taller or slim have normal sized penis, when compared to short or fat people. It is believed that men need to have a normal or extra large sized penis to enjoy a healthy sexual life. This is not true in all the cases, as there are many people with are short and have small penis, but still enjoy sex like normal people.

More than the size it is the role play that excites your partner, while on bed. In case you are suffering from any sexual disorder, then a sexologist is the best option. Rather than surgeries there are many medical penis enlargement pills and exercises that help you in the best possible manner. In the year 2006, a research was conducted by experts of ULCA, whose findings were published as follows –

  • Approximately 66 percent of men assumed that the size of their penis was of average sized and wherein one out of every 10 men thought they had a small sized penis
  • Around about 80-85 percent of women was highly satisfied with their partners penis size, but 10-15 percent were not happy with the size their partners manhood
  • More than 45 percent of men expressed a desire of having a larger sized penis
  • Many of them were not happy with their height, while others about their weight
  • Other men were either unhappy with their looks and the size of their body posture, apart from being unhappy with the size of their penis

More than anything men were dissatisfied with the size of the penis, just because they didn't like the size of their body. It is men who are more bothered about the size of the penis, when compared to women. It is heart and soul that makes a marriage successful and not the size of the penis.