Why Are Women Interested In Men With Bigger Sized Penis?

Men are always conscious about the size of their manhood, and bigger size penis always makes them feel proud. There are many reasons why men and women are concerned about the size of manhood. For men the size matters as they want can allure their partner and satisfy all of their sexual desires. Women, on the other hand prefer men a bigger sized penis as they can easily release sperms, through her vagina. In other words, she wants to enjoy the ultimate climax of sex that can impregnate her.

There has no end to debate on the size of penis as researchers and sexologist have different point of view, each supporting their theory. Women are reluctant having sex with men who have smaller sized penis. They think that men with smaller sized manhood cannot ejaculate easily, thus reducing her possibility of becoming pregnant.

Theory of Bigger Sized Penis:

The size of the penis does matter when it comes to better sexual role play. At the time of erection the size of a normal penis increases by at least 2-3 inches, due to blood flow. The size of the penis increases depending upon the flow of blood inside their chambers. There are mainly 2 possibilities, the 1st one being that the penis is smaller in size as compared to a normal manhood. The other being due to inadequate blood flow, you may experience erection problem, causing various sexual related issues.

There are no exact reasons as to why the size of penis differs for men, as it is considered to be an important body organ. However with the help of advanced medical techniques, all of these disorders can be well treated. It is not Nature that has been unfair towards men suffering with smaller sized penis, but it is mainly related to genetics and hormonal problems.

A woman always prefers men who are hale and healthy, so that her offspring are also stronger. The sperms produced by men who medically fit are considered to be healthy as well. This is one of the other reasons they prefer men with bigger manhood, who will not only satisfy her sexual instincts, but impregnate her as well.

Are Genes Important for Women?

Women are always conscious about genes, as they play an important role in transforming qualities to her offspring's. These traits mainly include bigger sized penis and not erection dysfunction. In other words she prefers her son not to suffer the trauma of small sized penis, impotence, or others issues related to manhood. It is believed the size of the penis is passed on from father to son.

So in future women doesn't have to worry whom her son is dating and mating, as he is considered to potential enough to impregnate his partner. Being a women she understands the importance of sexual satisfaction and longer sized penis, which can imbalance her sons peace of life. Thus she always prefers men with an average or larger sized manhood so that her children will have to face no issues in future.