Options Available For Penis Enlargement

Every other person wants to have a larger size for his penis to boost his confidence and perform well. There are numerous options available in the market but finding the right one is a very intricate thing to do. The penis enlargement industry is the most flourishing industry in the market at the moment. Let us find the options that are available in the market for penis enlargement.

Vacuum Devices

Impotence is supposed to be the major issue that can be treated using vacuum devices. Hence, many experts suggest vacuum devices for the treatment of impotence. The vacuum device can also be used to increase the size of your penis. But these penis devices do not have the capacity to increase your size permanently.

The vacuum device is a pump that needs to be placed over your penis and vacuum is created inside it to force the blood into your penis. As soon as the blood is forced inside your penis, it erects. Once your penis is erect a ring is placed on its base. The ring is used to stop the blood from draining out of your penis to maintain the erection for a long period.

These penis devices are effective only for a period of around 24 hours. Using the vacuum device can be injurious to your penis. There is a great chance of damaging the blood vessels in your penis resulting in pain and swelling. Hence, you need to be very careful while using vacuum devices as penis devices because the damage can be permanent.


One can permanently increase the size of his penis using penis enlargement surgery. The result is immediate. You will be able to increase the size by more then an inch. In the surgery, the surgeons incise the ligaments of your penis. By incising the ligaments, you penis will certainly increase in its size but may result in scar tissue and also the erection will point downwards.

There is another technique in penis enlargement surgery called the dermal implant. In this surgery, fat cells are transplanted in your penis extracted from other part of your body. The length and girth of your penis can be increased using this technique. The major drawback of this procedure is, the grafted cells may result in clumps over your penis.

Apart from high cost, the penis enlargement surgeries have a potential risk of both physical as well as psychological. You may not find the results very effective and if in any case something goes wrong during the procedures, you may permanently lose your manhood due to damage incurred to nerves and tissue of your penis.

Penis Devices

These penis devices are the most effective devices to enhance the potential of your penis. The extenders are devices that need to be fixed over your penis. These penis devices work on your penis by giving your penis a jelqing massage over a period of time. The blood vessels in your penis will expand and allow more blood to store making your penis grow in length and girth safely.