Penis Enlargement What Works And What Doesn't?

One of the most repeatedly asked questions in penile enhancement is as to what, among the various methods works or doesn't. There are certain natural methods available that focus on penis enlarging. They are:


Milking type of movement performed for the purpose of increasing the fleshy tissue called corpora cavernosa that fills with blood during erections and speeds up the amount of blood flow to the penis. It works effectively with these exercises and brings about an increase of up to three inches in length and up to one inches in girth of the penis.

Penis Stretching:

By continually performing stretching exercises of the soft tissue of the penis, new-cell growth is encouraged which enhances the length and girth of your penis. The outcome could vary depending on the duration and spacing of the exercises performed. Approximately two to three inches increase can be achieved.

Natural herbal penis pills:

It works effectively with herbal pills and cures the penis problem. All natural ingredients in the pills usually made from plant extract, this has protected men to have no side- effects on the body when consuming.

You will need to understand that penis pills alone will not enlarge the penis size. It is advised that you take it in combination with penile exercise program. This is because good circulation is important for healthy growth of tissue. The increase in blood flow caused by herbal pills definitely will help the penis to grow bigger after each workout.

Natural herbal penis patches:

Penis enlargement works beneficially with herbal patches produced to stimulate the development of the tissues making up the male-sexual organ. Penis patches basically aim at enabling the penis to hold more blood in its corpora-cavernosa the penile tissue during the time of erection.

Another benefit of these patches apart from an increase in the length of the penis is when used together with penile exercises produces more semen, an increased sexual-stamina, harder erections, powerful ejaculation, and more intensifying sexual pleasure.

All these benefits of penis patches satisfy men to much extent. Most of the penis patches consist of herbal ingredients, which are in fact the very reason why they comprise less risks or side effects.

Penis pumps:

Penis enlargement works are not satisfactory with penis pumps methods that falls entirely under the dangerous quick-fix category. Pumps can cause several complications including internal-bleeding, inability to obtain an erection, erectile dysfunction, permanent impotency, and even infection and gangrene which results in removal of part of the penis.

Surgical procedure:

The penis surgical procedure has its own share of possible complications and risks associated with it. The greatest side effect of the surgical procedure is that since the tendons which hold the penile shaft to the pelvis are cut which causes your penis to always droop no matter how erect it gets.

This then becomes a serious issue when talking about sexual intercourse and sex drive. The penis enlargement are not achieved to any satisfactory extent with surgery.