Safety Tips For Penis Enlargement

When approaching penis enlargement, it is important to ensure that safety is guaranteed. For some reason, you may end up suffering injuries, for instance when a method of penis enlargement is not approached accurately. Here, I have provided you with some safety tips.

  1. Broken penis: fortunately, a broken penis rarely happens. Whenever it happens, it is normally as a result of severe trauma to an erect penis which causes tunica rupture. In penis enlargement, broken penises are as a result of careless pumping. It is usually characterised by intense pain as well as severe bruising on the cock and the surrounding area. Should this happen to you, surgery will be required to correct the injury. It is, therefore, important for you to approach pumping as instructed and with a lot of caution.

  2. Strained ligaments: this one is relatively common. It is usually as a result of stretching/hanging too often as well as intensely without taking enough rests. It can also happen following one incident of excessively intense penis stretching or hanging. Pain originating from strained ligaments is experienced at the penis base. However, it might also be felt in the interior of the pubis and the lower abdomen. If you experience strained ligaments, a lot of rest is recommended. As a matter of fact, rest is of utmost importance. This means that you shouldn’t continue with PE for some time, or else, actual tearing of the ligaments is possible- where the surgery will be required to ensure restoration.

  3. Thrombosed veins: although it’s not as common as strained ligaments, it’s critical for you to be aware of its existence. This is a vein that has been distended as a result of excessive internal vascular pressure within the veins. If you are engaging in squeeze type techniques of penis enlargement caution must be observed to prevent the occurrence of thrombosed veins. A good number of men who have suffered from this sort of injury claim that it’s relatively painless. However, there are some who claim to have experienced excruciating pain. Thrombosed veins are treated by rest and hot soaks/wraps. To prevent it from happening, ensure to practise moderation in the penis enlargement activities.

  4. Bruising: this type of penis injury is very common. It is typically caused by heavy hanging in the absence of sufficient padding. It also occurs due to extended periods of tight hanging without rests. At times, bruises are so severe that they form a bolus of blood under the skin. When this happens, make use of a sterile needle to drain the blood out- remember to be very careful. Other ways of treating bruises include taking some time of penis enlargement, hot soaks/wraps, use of Arnica (applied to the penis) as well as consumption of relevant supplements.

  5. Rashes: they are very common and caused by milking without lubricating the penis. It comes in the form of small red areas. In extreme cases, it looks like a burn accompanied by small scrapes or cuts. Ensure to use lubrication each time you are engaging in penis exercises. There are mild skin ointments and creams that are designed for alleviating such rashes.

At the very least, don’t be too aggressive just because you intend to speed up the PE process. You must show the willingness and ability to practice patience throughout the process. If any of the above happens, take some time off the PE program. If you suffer from conditions such as cirrhosis, respiratory instability and advanced diabetes, ensure to consult a urologist.