Strap Based Penis Enlarger Have Greater Comfort

While almost every enhancement technique has to be comfortable for the user, it's even more significant in the case of a penis enlargement device. One of the prominent reasons for the same is that, unlike most enlargement technique, a device needs to be worn over one's sensitive genital for hours a day. Besides, the enlargers well grips over one's penis, and hold it firmly most of the times, so there is a need that it allows a proper blood flow to the penis.

Although, ever since the idea of an enlargement device struck the mind of the designers, they have tried their best to make it greatly comfortable to use. However, with the passage of time, the devices have been furnished with improvements in numerous aspects of its design, chiefly in its comfort.

For the circumcised men, there are usually no issues with using any kind of enlargement device. However, when it comes to men with uncut foreskin, there are chances of the foreskin to be rubbed against the device's ring. This can greatly make your experience uncomfortable. Besides, numerous such cases have also been reported where men with uncircumcised penises complain of slipping of their penis heads out of the ring.

So ultimately, men with uncircumcised penises need to be a bit more concerned, in context of comfort, while choosing a penis enlarger.

The earlier models of the penis enlargement devices or the noose-based extenders weren't so comfortable to use. It was mainly due to a silicone made plastic ring that is mainly responsible to hold your penis head, and keep it attached with the traction device. Now you may well imagine the trouble when a plastic ring will wrap around your soft foreskin, and will hold it against any slippages. Truly, uncomfortable, isn't it?

When such issues, came into the notice of the enlargement device designers, they planned out a new design. Unlike the uncomfortable plastic ring of the noose based enhancers, the updated strap based enhancers are with a comfortable, wider strap that gets well wrapped around your penis below the head. Men, especially the uncircumcised ones, greatly appreciated this model that the designers furnished them with. Enhanced comfort levels and more efficient stretching mechanism, of these strap based extenders, could now render more faster gains since users can wear longer without discomfort.

So with that, you finally come to know the reason, why using a penis enlarger was exceptionally a bit painful for you. But, you have invested well in your device, so what if it's the noose based one of olden technology. However, it's also not that easy to continue troubling your foreskin with it. So for such issues an up-gradation is always a wise idea.