Science Behind Penis Enlarger Device Dates Back To Historical Times

Almost every man today who have well utilized a penis enlarger device, have gained enhancements in penis size, and is leading a contented life today, owe his gratifications to the past generations. Now, that might surprise you, to be thankful to the past generations, when you have invested in a bit expensive and ‘modern' enlargement device for these gains. So how come the credit goes to them?

No doubt, this ‘modern' penis enlarger device has been developed, and is well serving the needs of innumerable size maniacs. However, the main idea, or the science behind those isn't new. To your surprise, the principle of traction or stretching has successfully been utilized by the tribal folks ever since the pre-historic ages. For manipulating their body parts such as arms, neck, legs, and most substantially penis, they have always relied on, and have discovered effective ways to implement traction. Among the numerous proofs to these, the archaeological surveys have revealed innumerable cave drawings dating back to even 440 BC, in which there are men with great sized penises.

It's popularly known as ‘weight suspension method' of penis enlargement today. However, if you make a little of research about this method, you may interestingly find that it was actually the ancient Egyptian pharaohs who are the developers of this technique. However, in the modern times, you are discouraged to utilize this risky, ineffective method that has numerous associated dangers in the form of decreased blood circulations, necrosis or tissue death and impotency.

One of the most recommended and the most effective penis enlargement technique today, the jelqing or penis exercise, has actually its origination in the early Arab culture. Being the most inexpensive, the easiest, and the most natural enhancement technique, it does often benefit numerous consistent men. As far as effectiveness of the method is concerned, there are innumerable attestations to it. Dr. Brian Richards' study on the same was published by the Sexual Medicine Journal of British that concluded the method as highly effective in almost 87 percent of the cases.

Through the centuries now, the South American and African tribal folks have employed traction method for ear, lip and of course penis stretching. Similarly the women of the African tribes and of Burma, practice neck elongation by stretching their necks through rings around it. The Southern Ethiopian, women of Mursi Tribe wear lip disks to enhance the size of their lower lips, and hence to attain their symbol of their feminine beauty.

In the Roman and the Greek history, you may find that men since their young ages, were taught by the elders about penis exercise, the proper way to perform those, and hence to gain significant improvements in their girth and length.

So, with all such historical proofs, and numerous more, for such traction based enhancement techniques, one can well know the actual origin of those, and hence can greatly rely on their effectiveness. The same might have been one of the prominent reasons of the great success of penis enlarger device today.