Penis Enlarger Device Or Surgery - Which Is Better?

It is commonly observed that males are very unhappy and obsessed with their penis size. They are always in look for some penis enlargement techniques. The size of the penis symbolises their manhood. It greatly affects the self-esteem of the person, more than affecting the sex life of the person.

There are many options available to a man in this regard. Some of the techniques for penis extension are quite risky like the hanging of weights, going for some extensive surgery, and the use of penis pumps. These can cause great disasters to the health of the person. They are therefore not much recommended by any professional.

The penis traction device is a much safer and proven technique. This is the basic reason for people to opt this way for penis enlargement. It is not as expensive as some of the surgeries.

A penis traction device is basically a traction device which was used to treat patients after surgery. It is quite cost effective and safe. The use of a penis device along with penis exercises is mostly recommended by the experts these days.

Penis Enlarger Device Vs Surgery

Here is a comparison between the two on the basis of some important criteria:

Functioning: The surgery involves cutting of the two penis tendons, and clamping of the blood vessels to increase blood retention in the penis. A successful surgery can result in a one inch growth of the penis size. It is a risky procedure.

The penis device uses traction force to increase the length and girth of the penis that requires some time. The penis cells multiply due to the regular stretching of the cells, thereby increasing the size of the penis considerably.

Risks involved: Surgeries are always bonded with risks. Surgery can cause excessive bleeding, pains, infections, scars and long after-surgery care. Some of the damages of this surgery are not reversible making it dangerous. In case the surgery doesn't turn out to be good enough, the patient can be stuck with a non-functional deformed penis for the rest of his life.

The use of penis devices is very much safe and thus involves a very low amount of risk. Penis enlargement through traction is a very natural manner to grow tissue.

Cost: A surgery for penis enlargement can be very expensive and can involve a cost of about 1000$.

While, a penis device just costs a meagre amount. It is very, much economical than a surgery. Along with the traits of being very safe, this feature just adds to the attractiveness of the penis stretcher devices.