How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Do you know?

The penis traction device can actually be used at any time of the day irrespective of your food timings and routines. The device helps in increasing both penis length and circumference

How the penis enlargement device works

The penis traction device is very much easy to apply, and can even be worn very much comfortably under even loose fitting pants! It uses the concept of traction to help the human body's ability to develop under the control of your physical influence.

If in case, a specific part of the body is being exposed to a constant and as well as a well permanent stretch, the working cells in that particular area begin to divide and happen to multiply, thus increasing the mass of the tissue.

Thus the enlargement will ultimately happen in both length and as well as the circumference of your penis. This kind of natural principle is known and being used for many centuries in varied kinds of cultures in the aim of developing or extending various body parts.

The device is for everyone!

In this device the specially made plastic ring is to be surmounted around your penis. A plastic and a well made silicone holder are being fastened around the head of the penis. Between the gap of the ring and the holder there are actually two dynamic metal bars that are actually attached by applying a variable tension that actually varies between 500 and 1.600 grams.

You can very well control the amount of tension that is being applied. The penis traction device is actually applicable for every man irrespective of his age and penis size.

The working methodology

The penis device can actually be used at any time of the day irrespective of your food timings and routines. The amount of time actually you wear the device well combined with the amount of traction actually determines best results that can be fetched out of it.

It is not actually really necessary to wear the penis device for a very long amount of time to obtain better results. For example: 3 hours of daily treatment for about 12 months, will give you the same final result as in the case of 12 hours daily for 3 months.

There can also be several breaks while you use the device without being always continuously using it. Stopping the practice of using the penis device does not really make you suffer from loss of size.

It remains the same. It can also be worn at the night time if you find it very comfortable. The problem is that it may get disturbed due to various postures of your sleep and as well as due to night time erections

Using these penis enlargement devices can never bring you any kind of side effect and it is completely very safe and secure to use!