Treating Peyronie's Disease - Penis Device Or Penis Surgery

Currently, the use of penis extenders for increase in penis size is gaining popularity. In the past, extenders were utilized as a post-operative treatment after penile surgery. Today they are used mostly in enhancing male organ. Penis stretcher has proved to be a good competitor for unsafe methods including vacuum pumps and weights.

Urologists recommend penis stretcher for treating Peyronie's disease. The patient suffering from this disease has scarring of plaques on their penis along with the penis getting curved. It is a very painful condition. The patient suffers pain during sexual intercourse.

In the combat with curvature penis extenders have been triumphant. Along with correction of the curvature, there is an evident boost in the length and thickness. Due to Peyronie's disease the penis is shortened, which gets automatically corrected using extenders.

The traction device applies tension by stretching the penis. This causes the penile curvature to reduce. The stretching breaks the tissue cells but the function of building new cells is triggered immediately. Cells begin to collect in the stretched spaces and blood also flows in speed around the genitals. Thus more blood is absorbed by new cells within the penis, consequently enhancing its length and width.

However, several people still believe that penis surgery is the only helpful technique to obtain permanent gain or correct bent penis. Actually, this is not a fact. Men get confused with all the different kinds of alternatives that clutter the market.

Let's compare penis stretcher device with penis surgery and make a decision.

  • Traction device is a non-invasive method. It works gradually, by applying stretching force on the penis. Penis surgery is an invasive method done by urologist or surgeons.
  • Traction device, if used appropriately has no cases of side-effects reported till now. Surgery includes bleeding, pain, scar formation, infection, deformity and long recovery time. Several have faced sexual issues like ED or impotence.
  • Purchase of traction device is a one time cost but surgery is extremely costly and not covered up by health insurance. Several patients have to undergo surgery for second time also.
  • Traction device requires no recovery time and he can enjoy sex anytime. Nevertheless surgery needs recovery time that can vary from weeks to months. Patients have to abstain from sex for minimum 6 months.
  • It is a simple and self operable device that is used at home. Surgery needs professional team of surgeon, doctors, nurses and hospital setting.
  • Reputable companies sell credible extenders with money-back guarantee from 6 onwards, if you are not satisfied with their product. There is no theory of cash-back guarantee in a surgery. If you are not satisfied there is no cash but you can get stuck with deformed penis.

Therefore, it is sensible to select a safe and simple method in treating Peyronie's disease instead of wasting money on unsafe and harmful method of penis surgery. Get a traction device and attain a bigger, stronger and corrected penis as soon as possible.