Penis Size Discussions Can Break Up Relationships

Couples and lovers have always been encouraged to communicate with each other about everything. According to relationship experts, both men and women should be willing to speak about everything that affects their relationship. Failure to that, individuals may not achieve maximum benefits from what such a relationship has to offer. On the same note, there are numerous things that are better left unsaid, lest they destroy the peace of the relationship. In worst case scenarios, sensitive discussions can cause relationship breakups. Discussions surrounding the size of a man’s penis may result in the premature end of a relationship that was going very well.

How does this happen?

First and foremost, women have a habit of communicating different opinions about the penis size of their men on separate occasions. In one encounter, a woman will make you believe that your penis is the perfect size for her. In another time, she will go right ahead and unconsciously ask if you are already inside. On the other hand, men get confused by such reactions. In my opinion, women need to come out clear about the penis size of their partners. In any case, this will bring you closer as you seek appropriate ways of improving your sex life. It is no wonder men pursue penis enlargement without involving their women partners.

They say that women are complex beings who are extremely hard to understand. A woman will tell you something about your penis size and then tell her girlfriends an entirely different thing about the same. It’s like they are talking about two entirely different penises. Further, women know how to pretend so well during sex and it’s quite unfortunate that this is so hard to determine. A man, who feels that his partner isn't true when asked about the penis size, will eventually put an end to such a relationship. In many instances, this happens when a man thinks that he is small. Eventually, he will become less and less confident and this can have a significant impact on the stability of a love relationship.

Another thing that can cause relationship breakup with respect to this is the inability of men to handle the truth. As a matter of fact, women know this too well and that’s why they lie about the dick size of their partners. There are women out there who told their partners their real opinion of their penises and what followed made them regret ever saying it. Their men walk out of a relationship with the excuse that the woman needs to look for someone with a bigger dick- when the woman says he is a bit smaller. These kinds of reactions make women want to remain silent and just enjoy other details of the relationship. The women are usually afraid of having to deal with such radical decisions.

In my opinion, lovers need to talk more openly about the penis and other sexual aspects of their relationship. Further, the man should be prepared to handle the truth. How partners manage, the conclusions made from a penis size discussion will make a whole lot of difference. For instance, if a woman says that your penis is a bit smaller and that you should try certain sex positions, there is no point getting offended. On the other hand, women, instead of seeking affairs, open up to him and let him know exactly what you think. Whatever it is, you were brought together by something that supersedes the penis size and its potential.